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Bexhill-to-Bexhill: Conversations with Annie.

From Louise Kenward, Artist in Residence.

In September 2013, I left Bexhill train station to travel the world via other places called Bexhill. Inspired by the voyages of Lady Annie Brassey and the possibility of travelling almost entirely by train, I returned to the UK at the end of last summer having travelled over 80,000km by train and spent at least 30 days and 30 nights on board.

Thanks to a Heritage Lottery Grant, I am delighted to have now started working at the museum as artist in residence, revisiting my journey through Annie and her collection. I will be in the galleries every Thursday working with a place and object(s). These are open sessions for the public to engage with me and the project and where I hope to be able to bring the journeys and connections with the museum to life.

Each week I will revisit one of the 15 places I crossed paths with Annie, when I sent a postcard and wrote a letter. Using mementoes I brought back, memories and photographs, combined with Annie's journals and objects, I will try to connect with Annie and the voyages I followed.

'In Conversation with Annie' was the title chosen to represent a dialogue that is and has been taking place between Annie and I over the last few years. Albeit largely one sided, it has felt as though she has been with me at times. 

As part of this project I will also be revisiting Bexhill in Australia and Canada, updating the displays. A series of workshops and talks will soon be scheduled.

I am updating my blog to include sessions at the museum if you want any more information or to follow my progress. Last week's session in St Petersburg can be found here. The wall opposite the 'Bexhill to Bexhill' display will show some of my work in progress throughout the project. There is also a comments book for anyone who wants to make a comment, ask a question or share their email address for updates of the project. Anyone on Facebook or Twitter can also follow me @bexhill2bexhill (click links below) and Annie @AnnieBrassey.

With thanks to everyone who has shown interest and support while I was away, it has been lovely to meet and speak with some you. If I haven't already, I look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards
Louise Kenward

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