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Call out for Museum Volunteers!

Your museum needs you!

BEXHILL Museum is critically short of volunteers. The chairman has appealed to members attending the annual meeting to step up to the mark.

John Betts told the October 4th meeting at St Augustine’s Church Hall that the museum was particularly short of volunteers for front-of-house duties and in assisting fund-raising director Emma Tickner at functions.

At present Emma worked almost alone.

He also appealed for members to try and recruit friends as volunteers. About half the present volunteers were not members and he appealed to them to join.

District curator Julian Porter said a great deal of work had been done this year on a new Marketing and Business plan for the museum and he thought it was now a strong document and a step in the right direction.

The work was essential in gaining a new service level agreement with Rother.

The next big document to work on was the Forward Plan as the existing plan would come to an end in the coming year. With the assistance of board member Emily Leach, this would include an organisational review aimed at making the functioning of the museum as efficient as possible, attracting more visitors and therefore raising more money. It was also essential to make the museum shop more profitable.

It was hoped to open a rear entrance to the museum from the park. There were both cheaper and more costly options for the necessary work. The critical factor would be in finding another three volunteers per shift to supervise the entrance and he also appealed for volunteers.

The structure of the Forward Plan was being changed to bring it in line with Arts Council Accreditation Scheme requirements. Elements of the plan would include Governance – the way the directors undertook their duties; Collections – the storage and exhibition of artefacts; Service – how much visitors enjoyed their experience and what they learned.

By 2020 the museum needed to achieve an income of £70,000 a year, an eight per cent increase. This was achievable but would require a great deal of work.

Plans for 2018 included the exhibition of a dress worn by Queen Victoria which was on loan to the museum, an exhibition to mark the centenary of comedian Spike Milligan’s birth, one to mark the 60th “birthday” of the museum’s Bexhill-built Elva sports-racing car and something to mark the imminence in 1938 of the Second World War.

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