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Temporary Exhibitions Archive

Temporary Exhibitions 2017:

Roaring 20s and Stylish 30s

People, Object, Place: A project exploring migration in the Region.

Download the Temporary Exhibitions 2017 PDF for more information.

Temporary Exhibitions 2016:

Exploring Stuff - Our Lives with Objects

Bexhill Garages

Something Old, Something New

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Temporary Exhibitions 2015:

"Bexhill and Abroad" - 2 February to 6 December 2015

“The Kings German Legion in Bexhill” - The Waterloo bicentenary 1815 – 2015: 20 April – 6 December 2015. To mark the two hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, Bexhill Museum presents a special exhibition about the King’s German Legion. Their infantry were based in Bexhill, and suffered heavy casualties when fighting as part of the British Army at Waterloo

Temporary Exhibitions 2014:

"Bexhill Remembers" - 1 March to 7 December 2014

Temporary Exhibitions 2012:

 Global Gathering 2012 Exhibition

Temporary Exhibitions 2010:  



"Childhood & Toys" - May to Dec 2010




"Amateur Theatrical Costume" - Oct to Dec 2010





"White" - July to September 2010






The Rainforest - February 2010 to July 2010




Quest For Equalities - July 2009 to April 2010

Awards For All funded


Temporary Exhibitions 2009:


Temporary Fashion Exhibition:

"Ruled by Fear, Fire and the Sword" - Lottie Lynas